Feather: A Fast On-Disk Format for Data Frames for R and Python, powered by Apache Arrow


RStudio Blog

Wes McKinney, Software Engineer, Cloudera
Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist, RStudio

This past January, we (Hadley and Wes) met and discussed some of the systems challenges facing the Python and R open source communities. In particular, we wanted to see if there were some opportunities to collaborate on tools for improving interoperability between Python, R, and external compute and storage systems.

One thing that struck us was that while R’s data frames and Python’s pandas data frames utilize very different internal memory representations, they share a very similar semantic model. In both R and Panda’s, data frames are lists of named, equal-length columns, which can be numeric, boolean, and date-and-time, categorical (factors), or string. Every column can have missing values.

Around this time, the open source community had just started the new Apache Arrow project, designed to improve data interoperability for systems dealing with columnar tabular data.

In discussing…

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