pandoc は、–latex-engine で platex を指定できないので、

 $ pandoc -t latex -V theme:Singapore -s -o slides.tex


そして、コマンドラインのオプションに -s を付けるのがミソ。

TeXファイルのdocumentclassにdvipdfmxを追加して、platex && dvipdfmx



Why WordPress Themes are Derivative of WordPress


Mark on WordPress

In the past few days, WordPress has become entangled in a debate about WordPress theme licensing. It was specifically centered around Thesis, one of the last notable proprietary theme holdouts. Chris Pearson, who develops and sells Thesis, refuses to license Thesis under the GNU General Public License that applies to WordPress and all WordPress-derived code.

There are many aspects to the ongoing WordPress vs. Thesis brouhaha. Things like respect, copyright, freedom, GPL, ownership. There is no doubt that Thesis lifted lines of code, and even whole sections of code, directly from WordPress. The Thesis developer who did some of the lifting confessed to it (much to his credit).

Some people have changed their opinion on the matter when they learned of that wholesale code copying. That is, they changed their mind about Thesis specifically. But those revelations happened later in the fray, after Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg’s discussion on…

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