Pocket and WordPress.com: Saving and Sharing Made Easy

Pocket (旧Read Later) の記事クリッピング用ボタンがWordPress.comで利用可能になるようです。そして、Pocketを介したリブログのようなこともできるようになるのかな。

WordPress.com News

Working with our pals at Pocket — a service that lets you save articles, longreads, and other media like videos that you find on the web — we’re happy to announce you can easily save content on WordPress.com and Jetpack-powered self-hosted sites, which you can enjoy later on your computer or touch devices. You can also share saved content on your sites, right from Pocket on your iPhone and iPad.

Save WordPress.com posts to read later

With our Pocket and WordPress.com integration, you can send WordPress.com posts to Pocket, and make it easy for your readers to file away your posts so they can revisit them when they have time. Under the Sharing Buttons section on the Settings → Sharing panel in your dashboard, you can enable various buttons so your readers can share or send your stuff across the internet, from Google+ to Path and more.

To activate the Pocket button…

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